Die Grafik über uns zeigt die Landkarte von Brandenburg und das Logo der ADB

About us

We are a central point of contact for victims of discrimination and their supporters. We stand by people who have been disadvantaged and want to fight back.

As a civil society and independent counseling center, we are part of the non-profit association Opferperspektive e. V.

We work with a clear political stance: Our goal is to make the state of Brandenburg free from discrimination.

In line with the General Equal Treatment Act, we advise on unequal treatment due to racist attributions, gender, sexual identity, disability or chronic illness, age, religion, and/or worldview.

We are a member of the Anti-Discrimination Association Germany and advise according to the standards for qualified anti-discrimination counseling.

In addition, we work in public, political, and media spheres to continually raise awareness about the issue of discrimination and reduce discriminatory practices. For this purpose, we collaborate with many different organizations and initiatives.